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Knowledge is revenue growth.

Psychology is embedded in everything humans do.
Success requires a basic understanding and skills.

We help companies boost sales performance by ethically taking advantage of
human behavior science and decision-making.


Brand2live is an international Sales Training, Leadership & Management consultancy company helping prominent Sales, and C-suite organizations to hit their goals since 2006. 

We combine Decision-Making, Behavioural Science and field experience, with customized b2b & b2c practical training programs and consulting.

We help your people to master the most effective skills to inspire buyers or actions.
They get educated, broaden their perspectives, and become empowered. They acquire fundamentals for their excellence and success with an underlying focus on growth.


96 Brands
+6.000 professionals trained
on 3 continents




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Leadership & Management projects

Field coaching

"Effective sales conversations"  
& "PIBD - Provoke Immediate
Buying Decisions" Training

On-site, remotely or hybrid solutions

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A small group of world-class C-suite professionals
with a proven track record of success led by Brand2live's Founder:

Stefano Trupia

Making a difference by being different is Stefano’s credo.

Clients endorse him as a pragmatic yet visionary professional,

driven to help people and organizations succeed.

His expertise and drive for excellence helped 96 international brands, some Top 1000 Fortune companies, and +6000 professionals on 3 continents.

A recognized leader of complex teams, Stefano is a proven C-suite Sales and Marketing executive, a world-class trainer, a successful entrepreneur & start-upper, a passionate keynote speaker, a creator, and the organizer of two Guinness World Record-setting events.

A proud father and a generous man, who loves travelling and learning from distinct points of view.

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"One Size Fits All" training or projects Don’t Fit Anyone.

Each customer presents its challenges to win, its culture in place, its people, and its own dynamics. Understanding is the critical success factor in customizing and delivering effective project solutions.

Tell us about yours. We are here to help.

it's free! :)

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