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The perfect Call To Action message: Beckman Coulter Italy a success story

A few years ago I had the pleasure of listening to a speech by Mr. Robin Sharma, one of the top 5 leading experts about leadership in the world. One of its most famous models is the 20 - 20 - 20 formula (20 min of daily learning, 20 min of daily planning and 20 min of daily exercise). In particular the part of the 20 minutes of daily learning has become one of my indispensable morning pillars along with the inevitable coffee. A habit dedicated to the growth of knowledge and an inexhaustible source of professional ideas. In this regard, scrolling through LinkedIn posts, one text in particular struck my attention:

At peak hours, the time to travel by car increases by 66% compared to when the roads are clear regardless of how big the roads are. This also happens in the analysis laboratories, where the worst enemy of the clinical efficiency of automation is precisely the transport track.A short, dynamic and powerful message. Virtually impossible not to click on it and launch the video.

Wow! I said to myself smiling. Finally a CTA (Call To Action) so powerful that it is rare, differentiating and therefore memorable.

Now the question is: “What is so extraordinary about this text?”

Anyone who is familiar with neuroscience or with human decision-making, immediately recognizes the technique of “delivering insights” about a pain topic we all have, time we waste in traffic, to grab attention. Masterfully linked to a "widespread and still unsolved problem", the transport track, for those who manage analysis laboratories.

A "problem" that only the uniqueness of Beckman Coulter's solution can solve today.

This text is the right application of one of the most effective scientific model to inspire Call To Action.

It correctly solicits the activation of the "reptilian brain" (the ON / OFF switch of the decision-making process) and subsequently of the "limbic" one (the part of the brain that manages emotions), causing "urgency" (in the form of a search for solutions/responses) in the "cortex".

In 52 seconds only, the video you clicked on, emphasize the uniqueness of Beckman Coulter's solution in a clear and simple way through the impeccable application of another crucial neuroscientific conversation's model, where the uniquenesses are displayed according to following path: "The what it is...", "What it does..." and “What you get”.

The "What it does ..." content, completes the pre-analytical activities before placing the test tube on the track, is the strategic key information that enable the prospect customer to understand how to "solve the problem”.

It is the practical answer that allows the "brain cortex" to respond to the urgency and frustration of the limbic brain.

This is a great example of a truly effective sales conversation that elevates the value of Beckman Coulter messages and the perception that customers have of its solutions.

For those unaware, B.C. is one of the 4 leading companies in the design and creation of medical laboratories in the world. A company that operates in an extremely complex markets, where it is rare to find substantial differences in products / services between one company and another. Where relationships often play a determining role in a company's fortunes. An arduous business if you think of the commercial activity that includes several stakeholders and new strict evaluation bidding parameters, where "quality" is valued 3x more than "price".

Hurdles and rules that oblige companies like B.C. to structure their commercial organizations with mixed teams, made up of sales professionals, specialists / technicians and marketing. Teams that must be able to:

  1. intercept multiple languages (from technical ones with laboratory directors to "commercial" ones with managing directors),

  2. overcome human's natural resistance to changes

  3. be sure to deliver value along the entire conversation flow to gain competitive advantages.

This successful messaging is the result of Beckman Coulter Italy strategic choice, who strongly believed in the importance of having to raise the level and the value of its commercial team's conversations in 2017 and 2018.

They committed to work hard and simplify their prospect's conversations, from too technical into messages / stories / built from the unique customer point of view. Easy and immediate messages to be understood even for those who are not experts at all.

They invested in ad hoc consultancy and training courses in Italy. 3 years ago the projects started, rooted in habits and language acquired today. Brand2live is particularly proud of the level of excellence BC people have achieved today.

Again this is another proof of the effectiveness of Brand2live's solutions to lead sales organizations to success.

An old adage said "it all depends not only about what you say, but how you say it!"

Stefano Trupia

Founder and Ceo of

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